Do Smart Exercises At Home

Recumbent Bike Exercise Routine For Every Day

Exercise bikes have been a staple of the gym and home-gym scene since, well, forever. The idealised image of being able to put an exercise bike in your living room and cycle hard whilst watching TV was something that captured the minds of millions of people, but somehow seemed hard to sustain. Don't worry - we've all told ourselves that we could make the exercise bike work for us, and it never really did. But maybe the problem was not with us. Maybe the problem was with the design of the exercise bike itself. Maybe what we actually needed was an exercise bike that looks less like a bike, and more like an angled armchair with pedals at the end?

Enter the Recumbent Bike! For fat burning, metabolism boosting, confidence-supporting exercise, look no further. The change in the seat allows you to work out muscles in your lower body and your legs whilst you exercise. We're bringing you the Recumbent Bike Exercise Routines that are sure to push you that extra inch for the summer body this year!

Push, rest, push, rest

Interval training is the name of the game with cardio equipment at a gym, and the recumbent bike is no different. As with all exercise, though, it's absolutely essential that you allow your body to get used to the workout before you push too hard. A 3-5 minute warm up with a nice, steady pedal is the way to go. Once you're all fired up and ready to go, we recommend working in 1 minute 'cycles' (see what I did there?). Push yourself as hard as you can for 30 seconds, then pull back to a more relaxing pace for 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat 10 times. For such routine the best bike will be Horizon Fitness Comfort Bike.

Calm before the storm

Once you've gotten used to the intervals - and, if you're brave enough, you've managed to double the lengths of time that you exert yourself - it's good practice to spend a couple of minutes working at about 60% intensity, readying your body for a large push to finish the workout. Once you're ready, push at 90% intensity for 2 whole minutes. Then, when you're finished, calm down with a slow 20 - 30% intensity cycle, to let your body settle into a slower rhythm once again.

One disclaimer: although it's good to stretch your body, and push yourself, it's most certainly not good at all to make yourself snap. The exercises are just a guide, and if you find elements of your body screaming to stop, it is worthwhile to listen to it. You can always work up to a two minute big finish later down the line. After all, 'no pain no gain' is a dangerous saying - if you're in so much pain that you can't workout, how on earth are you meant to make gains?

For Pros: Workout the torso too

If you think you've got the handle on the exercise, why not try this too - grab some light weights and pump some iron whilst you're peddling. It may take coordination, and strength in the legs, but once you're there, there's no reason why you can't turn the 'full lower body workout' into a 'full body workout'!