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Proform Recumbent Bikes

ProForm is an affiliate brand of Icon Health & Fitness, an exercise equipment manufacturer founded by two Utah State University students in 1977 and based in Logan, Utah USA. They are one of the leading pioneers in home fitness equipment, known for the innovative technology of their products – namely bikes, treadmills and ab trainers.

In the 1980’s the company began to produce many of their best known products, including treadmills and recumbent exercise bikes. The company has expanded into a global brand and was bought by Mitt Romney in 1994.

Since then the company has continued actively manufacturing exercise bikes and are one of the market leaders in that area of fitness. Their bikes are popular the world over and their ZR3 model has proven one of the best-selling and most popular recumbent bikes in the world.

Their range of bikes are available at affordable prices (at the low end, however they do prove to be fairly expensive after that) and provide users with adjustable seats, heart rate monitors, up to 16 resistance levels, 20 different programs and many are even compatible with smart phones so users can check their weight loss.

The primary drawbacks are the potential costs, short battery life and there are some problems with resistance settings on the bikes. They are also not particularly user friendly, the manuals are difficult to follow and the number of gadgets can sometimes be overwhelming.

Our Proform Recumbent Bike Reviews:

Proform 315 CSX Recumbent Bike

This high-tech recumbent indoor exercise bike has a wide range of workout features. It offers 16 resistance levels and adjustable handlebars and seat so users can work out in comfort at any fitness level. The handlebars have built-in heart rate monitors to help keep your workout on track. The computerized display screen can show as much or as little information as you want and track your workout and goals. It can be powered either with batteries or with an included wall transformer. With a magnetic resistance system, the bike is quiet, and you can easily adjust the resistance level mid-workout. There are even built-in iPod compatible speakers so you can listen to your favorite music.[Read Full Review]

ProForm 385 CSX Recumbent Bike

A bike that gives you great fitness results. Some of the best features include a digital, magnetic resistance system, eight incredible workout programs, a fabulous target pacer coach, a beautiful built-in cooling fan, is compatible with the iPod, and more. The bike also features an EKG heart rate monitor. If there is one bike that is worth buying, it’s the Proform 385 CSX. You have everything you need in this recumbent bike. It’s always important to learn everything you can about a product before buying. Read the product description before buying one of the best bikes on the market.[Read Full Review]

ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike

What will you do if you are a fitness nut and your man does not even get off the couch? It looks like I have found my solution. He likes the seat, as it is recumbent with lumbar support and cushiony and can places his iPad at his eye level. I love the different workout apps and higher resistance levels with the heart rate sensors because I like to keep track of my workouts. It also has a water bottle holder, iPod port and peddles very smoothly. It took us few hours to assemble it. It has been 5 months since I purchased this bike. It is working well and my man still uses it.[Read Full Review]