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Stamina Recumbent Bikes

Stamina is a company that has been producing exercise products since about 1987. Their recumbent bikes have a wide price range, going from around $100 up to as much as $1,000. So while they offer premium bikes for more demanding exercise routines, they also cater to the more budget-oriented market with their sub-$200 pricing on some models.

Although the brand has been around for a while, they have not been around as long as other exercise bike companies such as Schwinn, but they nonetheless produce nice-looking recumbent bikes that work exactly as advertised.

Pros of Stamina Recumbent Exercise Bikes

As mentioned, the biggest plus of Stamina is that some of their products are very inexpensive, allowing for a wider range of people to start doing cardio workouts. Their products also tend to be pretty straightforward; some of them may not offer a whole lot of bells and whistles, but this is the reason that they can keep the costs down so much.

Cons of Stamina Recumbent Exercise Bikes

But of course, the straightforward nature of many of their products can be considered a downside by some people. The technology that their products lack means that you won’t have much in the way of assisted workout routines, finer-grained resistance levels, and so on. Overall it’s not a huge deal since the point is to exercise, but it’s something to consider.

Our Stamina Recumbent Bike Reviews:

Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike

The Stamina 1350 was an excellent buy. The bike was easy to put together and it hardly takes up space in my small apartment. It is very quiet and easy to use. I usually move it to my living room to watch TV while working out. The seat is comfortable and reclined and is easily adjustable even for a small framed person and it has broad pedals. The monitor is simple and no nonsense. It displays everything I want in a touch of a button- speed, distance, time, and calories burned. This is a simple workout machine for people who do not want gym memberships and live in small apartments.[Read Full Review]

Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike

The Stamina 4825 Resistance Recumbent Bike is yet another product from Stamina that offers innovative and high-quality workout opportunities. The bike comes outfitted with a magnetic resistance system for a quiet workout, perfect for those who get up early or stay up late to work out in their homes. The seat is padded, offers full support, and is adjustable for a personalized fit. The bike also features an InTouch one-button control electric monitor, which can display speed, calories, distance, and workout time. Finally, the bike’s oversized and weighted pedals keep your feet comfortable and your workouts as intense as you want them.[Read Full Review]

Stamina InTone Folding Recumbent Bike

If you are looking for a compact stationary home exercise bike that is easy to store or transport, then this bike might be for you. This bike features a sturdy steel frame with folds into a small footprint. It is adjustable for users of various heights and features a comfortable cushioned seat. In addition to its adjustable resistance system, this bike features a multifunction LCD monitor that tracks and displays your workout data, all from the comfort of a semi-reclined position. This simple bike offers a quiet, customizable low-impact cardiovascular workout. Recumbent exercise bikes offer a great workout without causing the strain on the arms, neck, and shoulders many riders experience on upright bikes.[Read Full Review]

Stamina 7250 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike

One of the best bikes when it comes to an exercise bike. Featuring a fantastic magnetic free-wheel resistance system, a great interactive heart monitor, flawless weighted pedals, and a push button system that lets you control how fast or slow you go. This bike even comes with a bottle holder.[Read Full Review]

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

A bike designed to work lower body muscle groups such as the ones in the buttocks, thighs, and the hips. There are rotating handlebars to help build upper body strength and toning as well. This bike offers an excellent workout for those who have bad knees as the exercise bike is designed to be a low impact aerobic activity and increase cardiovascular fitness. A built in water bottle holder will ensure that you can go hours without suffering from dehydration. Built by Stamina Products, Inc., this company strives to outperform competition and bring you the best customer service possible. With an adjustable flywheel and a built in pulse measurement on the handle bars – this bike is also designed to customize workouts with ease.[Read Full Review]

Stamina 7100 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Stamina 7100 Exercise bike is a stationary upright bicycle that brings a smooth challenge experience by using magnetic resistance. The seat can be adjusted to further reduce stress on lower body joints and to also increase smooth cardiovascular exercise. There are 6 preset fitness programs that are designed to give you the best workout towards a specific result. All bikes are generally low impact activities, however, the Stamina 7100seeks to reduce the impact even further by offering a 45 degree leg angle. Included with the bike are pulse sensors to monitor heart rate. In order to check status, there is a very large, simple to read display that will show you the distance traveled, calories burned, and your overall biking speed.[Read Full Review]