Do Smart Exercises At Home

Recumbent Bike Workouts That Really Work

There was a time when the fitness set - you know, the ones who wake up in the gym and leave when it closes - would laugh off home workouts like the recumbent bike. But since a wide variety of routines have been revealed for the recumbent that burn huge amounts of calories and promote strengthening of the cardiovascular system, no one’s laughing anymore. Even diehard gym goers and instructors profess the benefits of the burn that comes from a session on the recumbent bike. Now, you can get the same burn and enjoy the same benefits.

Sure, your bike may have several workouts already programmed into it. If it does, supplement those with the following. However, if you have a bike with limited or no built-in workouts, use the below to kickstart yourself into fitness.

The Power-Rest Workout

The key to this workout is not actually in the power. It is more about the rest portion. Research has shown you can get a better fat-burning effect if you have a larger difference between your high and low output phases of activity. In this workout, you have several short periods of furious pedaling surrounded by longer periods of slow, easy pedaling. For instance, two minutes of high exertion can be followed by 5-7 minutes of easy revolutions. You can decide the amount of time for your high-power period, just be sure to make it intense, even if it is short. It is about the intensity not the duration.

It is The Climb

Remember Miley’s song ‘The Climb’? The old Miley, that is. Well, it also makes a great title for an intense and effective recumbent workout. Set your recumbent bike at the highest intensity you can stand and pedal. This is not the Tour de France so do not worry about trying to go fast. In fact, if you can go fast, you need to bump up the level. Set a gradual, even and slow pace but keep it going. You can interchange a short rest period at a lower level for 1-2 minutes but keep climbing. Yes, it will burn but it will also, despite the slower pace, get your heart rate flying. In addition, when your heart rate is high, so is the fat burning.

The Speed Burn

This is the polar opposite of the climb but provides a number of the same benefits. Set your recumbent to a low level and get up some speed. Now, do not get out of control. You want to maintain a similar cadence throughout. It should be fast but not so fast that you cannot control it. Keep at this pace and feel your heart rate rise. Again, like the climb, you can insert some rest periods where you slow your cadence and recover. Then, kick it back into high gear and burn those calories.

Work It Out

By making these exercises part of your recumbent bike workouts, you will soon see and feel the results. You do not need to have a fancy programmed workout or a fancy recumbent to get these done. It is simply about hopping on the bike and getting busy. You will enjoy the payoff.