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Nautilus R514c (2013) Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Nautilus R514c recumbent exercise bike is one of the most recent exercise bikes produced and released by fitness powerhouse Nautilus. The R514c is a sophisticated bike from a reputable and renowned manufacturer, with an excellent reputation and rave reviews from customers. Indeed, worldwide online shopping platform Amazon holds over 150 reviews of the product, with ratings of 4 out of 5.

This state of the art bike is powerful, durable and offers a great number of programs for great resistance and allows for high intensity exercising.

by Nautilus
  • Oversized console with sizeable 2.25 X 5 LCD window with multi-colored brickyard, speakers and fan
  • 20 programs and 2 user settings to provide sufficient workouts diversity and challenge
  • 16 levels of magnetic reluctance and 20lbs flywheel offer an incredibly smooth and consistent workout
  • Maximum seat convenience with thick upholstering, tailored leg zone, lumbar support and regulated seat back
  • Grip heart rate, 3-piece cranks, combined levelers and mid-frame support

Our Using Experience

The bike has many advantages, primarily the fact that it has so many resistance levels and exercise program settings. This allows for high intensity workouts, helping users to build up their muscles, exercise their bodies and improve their workout times.

It is built for comfort and strength and can take up to 300 pounds in weight, allowing for larger users to get the full recumbent bike experience along with fitter users as well. In fact the bike may well have been designed with ‘larger’ users in mind as is has been engineered with comfort in mind, the seat is large and soft and even has handles on the sides of it. The seat is adjustable for people of varying sizes and the back rest supports users effortlessly during their workout.

Disadvantages to the bike are few and far between and are mainly related to the assembly and physical shape of the bike. For instance the front handlebars can come loose after a lot of use so it may be necessary to use the side bars.

Assembly can prove to be an issue too, as it may take around two hours to fully assemble the equipment. Additionally it can prove problematic if the bike has numerous users, as it will be necessary to adjust the seat after each use.

Overall this is a high quality, easy to use, modern, trendy and effective recumbent bike that will appeal to experts and novice’s alike and is very affordable at a knockdown price of $499, 30% less than the original listed price and shipping is free!