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Proform 315 CSX Recumbent Bike

The ProForm 315 CSX recumbent exercise bike is the Cadillac of its type! You can enjoy working out in the comfort of your living room, toning your body, increasing your cardiovascular health, recovering from joint or heart surgery, while you train with Jillian Michaels and other celebrity fitness gurus or adventure on workouts powered by Google Maps via iFit Technology! This bike offers sixteen levels of resistance – more than most bikes of this type – a very comfortable seat, including lumbar support that is fully adjustable as are the padded handlebars. The bold display is clear and easy to view.

by Proform
  • Recumbent exercise bike with quiet magnetic reluctance system
  • 16 digital reluctance levels; 20 built-in personal trainer workouts
  • Grafixx display monitors your speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse
  • Regulated nonslip handlebars; oversized seat with lumbar support
  • Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system; 300-pound weight capacity
  • 20 Individual Trainer Exercises
  • Appropriate Music Port for iPod
  • Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System
  • Recumbent Design
  • iFit Live Technology Compatible

Our Using Experience

Testers of this recumbent bike by ProForm found it to be the ultimate in adjustable versatility in that the shortest of the testers as well as the tallest were able to achieve a comfortable workout. The seat is very well padded and offers excellent lumbar support – so important for the senior folks who might be using it or those recovering from a back injury. This particular model features ports for just about any MP3 player, including iPods, and external speakers with volume controls on the LCD display. As with some other recumbent bikes, there are wheels on the front to make moving it from place to place easier. Assembly is easy and comes in at around two hours. ProForm supplies clear and concise instructions as well as all of the hardware and tools required to assemble the unit. This unit is well built and sturdy. There is no danger of the unit tipping over. The display is plenty large enough so that most folks could read it without glasses and the controls are large and easy to locate. The control panel allows the user to choose what you wish to see displayed during your workout. This unit comes with twenty preprogrammed workouts, some of which incorporate a number of the sixteen levels of resistance offered. The heart rate monitor is located on the handle bars on the outside of the seat. Testers found this placement to be comfortable and workable. There are additional handle bars mounted to the sides of the display unit in the front. This unit is super quiet and the pedal mechanism functions quite smoothly.