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ProForm 385 CSX Recumbent Bike

The ProForm 385 CSX Recumbent Bike is a stationary indoor bike with a black, grey, and white finish. The recumbent bike comes with a digital magnetic resistance system, as well as 8 pre-programmed workouts. On top of this is a target pace coach integrated into the programmed workouts. The ProForm 385 CSX also comes with an EKG heart rate monitor designed to include accurate readings of your pulse. In addition, the overall design of the bike allows for less impact on the legs and knees. Finally, the ProForm 385 comes with a number of additional features, includes a cooling fan which is built right into the machine, Ipod capable audio port, and a ninety-day warranty.

by Proform
  • Recumbent exercise bicycle with digital magnetic reluctance system
  • 8 workout programs together with goal setting coach
  • EKG heart rate control provides explicit pulse measures
  • Recumbent frame with anatomically designed seat for back support
  • Built-in cooling fan; iPod-compatible audio port; 90-day warranty

Our Using Experience

I didn't do that much research when it came to getting an indoor bike, and ended up buying the ProForm 385 CSX Recumbent Bike because it was the cheapest at the time. I needed something I could stick in the basement, and use throughout the harsher parts of an upstate New York winter. As a result, my first experience with the bike was when it arrived. I had quite the time trying to set it up, but I guess I get what I paid for.

The best part of the bike is the smooth ride. Where as the Ipod connecter and fan are cool, they are a little more hassle then they are worth, and do not work as effectively as I thought they would or as much as I want. My favorite part of the bike is that it is very sturdy, and I feel that I can rely on it working when I need it. What I do not like about the bike is that it sometimes raddles. If you are thinking of purchasing this bike, then remember that you get what you pay for. There are many better models on the market, but at this price, it is hard to pass it up.