Do Smart Exercises At Home

Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike

The Stamina Magnetic Recumbent 1350 Bike presents you with a fantastic low impact cardio workout without having to leave your home or spring for a costly gym membership. This piece of equipment is so quiet that you can view a movie or your favorite show while getting a great workout. The on-board monitor is just the ticket to track all of your vital information distance, speed, time and – best of all – how many calories you’ve burned. Also featured is a “scan” function so you can keep track of your progress totally hands free. The tension can be adjusted at anytime during your workout to increase your challenge! The Magnetic Recumbent 1350 Bike is designed to keep the stress off of your knees and low back. You still get a great workout of all the major muscles in your lower body and back. The Magnetic Recumbent 1350 Bike features the flywheel resistance and belt drive, so your bike pedals perfectly throughout your workout. The seat is comfortably padded and fully adjustable.

by Stamina
  • Recumbent stationary bicycle for efficient low-impact indoor aerobic exercises
  • Smooth magnetic reluctance with tension dial for intensity variation
  • Sizeable, user-friendly monitor indicates speed, distance, time, and calories lost with one-button indicator
  • Upholstered vinyl seat with modifiable seat positions and handrails
  • Some assembly required; 1-year warranty on frame, 90 days of warranty on components

Our Using Experience

We did a lot of comparisons of similar recumbent bikes as well as the upright exercise bike models. For the person already challenged by knee or hip issues, it is vital to keep weight from bearing down on those joints. For those working through back injuries, nothing is better than a recumbent bike. Doctors, physical therapists and other health care professionals agree – the recumbent bike is a great way to rehab knee and hip surgeries as well as maintaining over all, low impact cardio health. The assembly was about as easy as it gets – about 45 minutes. While this unit is very soundly built, it is still lightweight enough to move it around with ease. You can drag it across the room to the exact location you want it. The display screen is easy to read and provides all of the information required. The seat and back rest are very comfortable and don’t cause sore spots as other pieces of equipment have in the past. This is a piece of equipment that you will want to use every day and certainly won’t be collecting dust! And the price is so affordable!