Do Smart Exercises At Home

Stamina 7250 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike

This residential style recumbent exercise bike combines the feel of traditional biking while providing comfort for the rider. Stamina Fusion provides important components including padded and molded seats with oversized pedals. The seat allows the user to slide at a 45-degree angle for an easy walk through design.

With 12 programs and 16 levels of magnetic resistance, the bike has all the features of a standard exercise bike and additions added for comfort and user ability. Overall the Stamina brand is a recommended brand in the industry, as they clearly know how to design these machines to look great and be a reliable method for exercising.

The bike itself has a great deal of variety in programming. This is a great bike for someone who potentially has issues with knees, hips or back. It is recommended for physical therapy as well. The best feature of the bike is the comfort level. It is clearly designed to alleviate the typical strain felt from most upright bikes.

by Stamina
  • Hybrid upright/recumbent stationary bike with smooth magnetic reluctance
  • Regulated seat with 45-degree leg angle to lower hips and joints strain
  • 10 installed fitness and heart rate programs; handrails inbuilt pulse sensors
  • Sizeable, two-color, backlit console indicates workout time, RPM, heart rate, calories lost, distance, reluctance level, and speed on one screen
  • Some assembly required; 5-year warranty on frame, 90 days of warranty on components

Our Using Experience

Overall the bike has a nice look and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The dimensions measure around 4.5’ long to 2.5’ wide. The heart rate monitors are positioned on the handlebars and work well in conjunction with some of the programs. The biggest pro to the Stamina is how comfortable it is overall. The seat and backrest provide support and the peddles move smoothly even through the transitions. It also is a quiet bike compared to others therefore really great if you live in an apartment or have small children.

Since the bike comes shipped in two separate parts, it requires some patience putting it together. Generally it takes close to 2 hours. Also, the reach was fine but if you have short legs, you will have a hard time reaching the pedals.

Although the assembly was an extensive process, this bike is highly recommended considering all its other benefits. It is easy to use, has tons of options and looks great in your home!