Do Smart Exercises At Home

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The Velocity Exercise Magnetic Recumbent Bike is an inexpensive model of exercise bike designed for home use. Made by the company Velocity Exercise, this bike features a seat that allows you to semi-recline so you can exercise in comfort. This bike features forward-only resistance, allowing you to backpedal without hitting opposition.

The resistance uses a Drum Magnetic Control System, and it features a poly-v industrial belt. The LCD display allows you to track your time, distance, speed, and more. The model is shipped in a chrome color scheme with hints of orange at the base and LCD screen stand.

by Velocity Exercise
  • Reluctance made of a DMC System (Drum Magnetic Control)
  • Features manufactured poly-v belt.
  • Hub includes manufactured double seated bearings.
  • Angle free regulator monitor.
  • Sliding beam: aluminum extrusion

Our Using Experience

Total construction time was under an hour, roughly 30-40 minutes. Compared to other bikes we've owned, that isn't a very long amount of time for basic construction. Seat moves easily, and adjustments are a simple thing. Solid materials used in construction. Looks beautiful – orange accent makes the body look very chic. Price came out to a little under $400 for us, but the bike is definitely worth every penny.


  • Price is mid-range, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. This machine has not broken or worn out during our use, and we don't see it breaking at all in the near (or distant) future.
  • Adjusting the fit for your body is simple, and allows you to exercise in comfort.
  • Very little noise from the bike, so you can easily watch TV, read a book, or listen to music while exercising.
  • Looks beautiful – not ashamed to show it off to friends.


  • Lacks more advanced computer features, such as saving routines and/or programs and adjusting tension.
  • Some people may not be accustomed to manually adjusting tension for their bike, so this model comes with a bit of a learning curve.